1 Minute Festive Updo: Effortless Short Hair Christmas Style Tutorial by Another Braid


The article titled "😱 1 Minute EASY UPDO for SHORT HAIR 😱 How to: Easy Christmas Updo by Another Braid" discusses a quick and simple hairstyle for short hair that can be worn for Christmas. The video tutorial is presented by a YouTube channel called "Another Braid."

The video tutorial demonstrates how to create an elegant updo in just one minute, making it ideal for individuals with short hair who may struggle with finding suitable hairstyles for formal occasions. This updo is specifically focused on festive events during the Christmas season.

The video starts with the presenter introducing herself and explaining that the updo is perfect for those with short hair.


She then proceeds to explain the steps required to achieve the hairstyle.

The presenter begins by gathering all the hair and securing it with a clear hair tie, creating a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. She emphasizes the importance of securing the ponytail tightly to ensure the updo stays in place.

Following that, she splits the ponytail in half and pulls it apart to create a small hole above the hair tie. She then flips the ponytail up and tucks it into the small hole, creating a twisted bun. The presenter demonstrates how to adjust the bun to ensure it is secure and placed at the desired height.


To add a festive touch to the updo, the presenter suggests using holiday-themed accessories such as ribbons, hairpins, or decorative clips. She showcases various options and demonstrates how they can be incorporated into the hairstyle.

Throughout the tutorial, the presenter emphasizes the simplicity and speed of the updo. She reiterates that it takes only one minute to achieve this elegant look, making it an ideal option for individuals with short hair who may be pressed for time during the holiday season.

In conclusion, the video tutorial presented by "Another Braid" offers a quick and easy updo for individuals with short hair, perfect for Christmas events. The hairstyle involves creating a twisted bun with a low ponytail and can be customized with holiday-themed accessories. With its simplicity and quick application, this updo is an excellent option for individuals seeking an elegant hairstyle for festive occasions.