🌞💁‍♀️ 10 Effortless Summer Hairstyles for Short to Medium Hair - Unleash Your Inner Stylist!


In this article, Another Braid shares ten easy DIY summer hairstyles for short to medium hair. These styles are designed to be simple, creative, and perfect for the hot summer months.

The first hairstyle is called the Waterfall Braid with a Twist. It involves creating a waterfall braid on one side of the head and twisting the ends of the hair into a bun. This look is elegant and feminine, perfect for a summer wedding or party.

The second hairstyle is the Beach Waves with a Fishtail Braid. In this style, the hair is curled to create beachy waves, and then a fishtail braid is added to one side. This look is effortless and boho-chic, making it ideal for a day at the beach or a casual summer outing.


The third hairstyle is the Half-Up Braided Crown. This style involves taking two sections of hair from the front and braiding them towards the back, creating a crown-like effect. The rest of the hair is left down, giving a romantic and whimsical vibe.

The fourth hairstyle is the Double Dutch Braids. This look is trendy and sporty, perfect for a day of outdoor activities. It involves creating two Dutch braids on either side of the head, giving a cool and edgy appearance.

The fifth hairstyle is the Messy Bun with a Scarf. For this style, the hair is twisted into a messy bun, and a scarf is wrapped around it for a pop of color and style.


This look is effortless and fun, perfect for a casual summer day.

The sixth hairstyle is the Twisted Half Updo. It involves twisting sections of hair from each side and securing them at the back to create a half updo. This look is elegant and sophisticated, ideal for a summer evening event.

The seventh hairstyle is the Braided Ponytail. This style combines a classic ponytail with a loose braid down the middle. It is simple yet stylish, making it suitable for any summer occasion.

The eighth hairstyle is the Bubble Ponytail. This look involves tying the hair into a high ponytail and adding small elastic bands at equal intervals to create a bubble-like effect.


It is playful and trendy, perfect for a summer festival or concert.

The ninth hairstyle is the Bohemian Crown Braid. This style creates a crown-like effect using a braided headband. It is bohemian-inspired and gives off a laid-back and free-spirited vibe.

Finally, the tenth hairstyle is the Braided Top Knot. This style involves creating a high top knot and adding a small braid to the base. It is chic and stylish, perfect for a summer night out.

Overall, Another Braid provides readers with ten easy DIY summer hairstyles for short to medium hair. These styles are versatile and creative, allowing individuals to experiment and have fun with their hair during the summer season.