Melodies of Celebration: Amit Trivedi's Shehnaiyan Sets the Stage for Nivi and Ishanvi's Blissful Wedding Dance


The main idea of this article is about a simple wedding dance performed by two girls named Nivi and Ishanvi. The dance was set to the song "Shehnaiyan" by Amit Trivedi and choreographed by a dance group called Laasya.

The article begins by introducing Nivi and Ishanvi as two young girls who are passionate about dancing. They have always dreamt of performing at a wedding and their dream finally came true when they got the opportunity to perform at a family wedding. The dance was planned to be a simple yet elegant performance.

The chosen song for the dance was "Shehnaiyan" by Amit Trivedi, which is a popular wedding song known for its melodious tunes.


The girls loved the song and felt it was the perfect choice for their performance. They started practicing their dance routine with the help of the Laasya dance group, who choreographed the entire performance.

The Laasya dance group is well-known for their unique and creative choreography. They helped Nivi and Ishanvi in creating a dance routine that showcased their talent and skills while keeping it simple and graceful. The main aim was to give a memorable performance that would be appreciated by the audience.

Nivi and Ishanvi dedicated themselves to practicing the dance routine every day. They put in a lot of effort and hard work to perfect their moves and synchronize their steps.


They wanted to make sure that their performance would mesmerize everyone at the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, Nivi and Ishanvi were filled with excitement and nervousness. They donned beautiful traditional outfits and stepped onto the dance floor, ready to perform. As the song "Shehnaiyan" started playing, they began their graceful and synchronized dance.

Their performance was a hit! The audience was captivated by their elegance and skillful moves. The guests applauded and cheered for Nivi and Ishanvi, appreciating their talent and the effort they had put into their performance.

The article concludes by stating that Nivi and Ishanvi's dream of performing at a wedding had come true, thanks to their passion for dance and the support of the Laasya dance group.


The girls were ecstatic and proud of their accomplishment. They hoped that their performance would inspire other young dancers to pursue their dreams and showcase their talent at weddings or other events.

Overall, the article highlights the joy and success of Nivi and Ishanvi's simple wedding dance performance, emphasizing their dedication and passion for dance. The importance of support from experienced choreographers like Laasya is also emphasized, as it helped in crafting a memorable and beloved performance.