Confectionery Artisan Takes on the Challenge of Crafting Gourmet M&M's | Epicurean Endeavors by Bon Appétit


In this episode of "Gourmet Makes" by Bon Appétit, a pastry chef takes on the challenge of making gourmet Skittles candies. Skittles, a popular candy known for its fruity flavors and colorful appearance, is typically mass-produced and lacks the sophistication and complexity that a gourmet treat would have.

The video begins with the pastry chef, Claire Saffitz, explaining her mission to recreate Skittles from scratch. She acknowledges that the process will be challenging because Skittles are made with a combination of artificial flavors, colors, and ingredients that are not commonly used in gourmet cooking.


Claire starts her journey by dissecting a bag of Skittles to understand the different components and flavors of the candy. She discovers that Skittles have a hard shell, a soft and chewy interior, and a burst of fruity flavor. To replicate these elements, she decides to make a white chocolate shell with a chewy fruit puree center.

The first challenge Claire faces is creating the vibrant colors of Skittles without resorting to artificial food dyes. She decides to use natural coloring agents such as beet juice and turmeric. These ingredients not only provide color but also add a hint of flavor to the candies.


Claire experiments with different ratios until she achieves the desired shades of red, yellow, green, and purple.

Next, Claire focuses on creating the chewy interior of the Skittles. She prepares a homemade fruit puree using real fruits like strawberries, lemons, limes, and raspberries. To add a touch of gourmet flair, she incorporates ingredients like elderflower cordial and rose water to enhance the flavors.

Once the fruit puree is ready, Claire forms small spheres and encases them in the colored white chocolate shells. She then allows the candies to set and harden before taste-testing them.

After trying her homemade Skittles, Claire admits that they have a similar taste and texture to the original but with a more natural and refined flavor profile.


She acknowledges the challenges of replicating the mass-produced candy with gourmet ingredients and techniques, but she is proud of her creation.

Overall, this episode of "Gourmet Makes" showcases the process of a pastry chef attempting to make gourmet Skittles from scratch. Claire Saffitz goes to great lengths to recreate the flavors, colors, and textures of the popular candy using natural ingredients and gourmet techniques, resulting in a more refined and delicious version of Skittles.