Travis Kelce chuckles as a fan presents him with a Taylor Swift-inspired ‘putting the world on notice’ wristband


Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce had a lighthearted moment during a recent game when a fan in the stands gave him a Taylor Swift bracelet. The incident took place during the Chiefs' preseason clash against the Minnesota Vikings. As Kelce was leaving the field, a fan threw a bracelet towards him, which happened to have the words "on the map" written on it, symbolizing one of Taylor Swift's famous lyrics.

This unexpected gesture sparked a reaction from Kelce, who couldn't help but burst into laughter. He found the situation amusing, perhaps due to the oddity of receiving a Taylor Swift accessory in the midst of a football game.


Kelce's amusement was evident on his face and in his lighthearted laughter, catching the attention of those around him.

The moment was captured on camera, quickly spreading across social media platforms and garnering attention from both Kelce's followers and Swift's fans. Many found the incident to be hilarious and quirky, as the bracelet seemed out of place amidst the intensity of a football game. Others appreciated Kelce's candid reaction, as it displayed his good-natured personality and ability to take things in stride.

Taylor Swift has become incredibly popular worldwide, and her fanbase extends to all corners, even reaching NFL players like Kelce.


Kelce himself is a celebrity in his own right, known for his skills on the football field, as well as his charismatic personality both on and off the game. This unexpected connection between a football star and a pop sensation highlights the diverse nature of their respective fan bases.

Kelce is known for his playful and outgoing nature, often displaying his enthusiasm and humor during games and interviews. This incident is just another example of his ability to enjoy the lighter moments and create a fun atmosphere wherever he goes.

The Taylor Swift bracelet incident adds to the list of unique and memorable interactions between fans and athletes.


It serves as a reminder that sports can bring people from different backgrounds together and create lighthearted moments of connection and laughter.

In summary, Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce experienced a light-hearted moment during a preseason game when a fan threw a Taylor Swift bracelet towards him, causing him to burst into laughter. The incident highlights the unexpected connection between the football star and the pop sensation and showcases Kelce's playful personality. This interaction serves as a reminder of the joy and camaraderie that sports can bring.