The Must-Follow Guidelines for Meghan Markle: 10 Rules She Must Abide By and 5 She's Defied


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is not exempt from the royal rules and protocols that come with her new title. There are 10 main rules that she is expected to follow, and so far she has broken 5 of them.

One rule Meghan must follow is to never engage in public displays of affection with her husband, Prince Harry. Royals are expected to maintain a certain level of decorum in public, and this includes refraining from any affectionate gestures. However, Meghan has been seen holding hands with Harry during various public appearances, breaking this rule.

Another rule is that royals must not express personal or political opinions publicly.


They are meant to remain neutral and avoid controversy. Meghan, however, has spoken about her political viewpoints in the past, which goes against this rule.

Meghan is also expected to dress modestly and conservatively. The royals have a specific dress code that they must adhere to, which often includes hats and knee-length skirts. Meghan has been seen wearing shorter skirts and more modern and stylish clothing, pushing the boundaries of this rule.

Additionally, Meghan is not supposed to sign autographs for fans. Royals are discouraged from doing so to prevent their signatures from being forged.


However, Meghan has been spotted signing autographs during her engagements, breaking this rule.

Furthermore, Meghan is required to curtsy to higher-ranking family members. The Duchess has been seen curtseying to the Queen, but she has not always adhered to this rule with other members of the royal family.

Although Meghan is still adjusting to her new royal role, she has already broken several royal rules. It remains to be seen how she will navigate these restrictions in the future.