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Papas caliche, a traditional dish of Chile, has officially been recognized as part of the country's culinary heritage. This acknowledgment highlights the significance of this dish, which consists of potatoes cooked in a clay pot with onion, garlic, and spices, and has been enjoyed for generations. The official recognition seeks to preserve and promote this cultural tradition for future generations.

The recognition of papas caliche as an official culinary treasure in Chile is a significant step towards preserving the country's rich food heritage. Papas caliche, which translates to "clay pot potatoes," is a dish deeply rooted in Chilean culture and has been passed down through generations.


The dish involves cooking potatoes in a clay pot, along with onions, garlic, and a variety of spices.

With the announcement of its official recognition, papas caliche joins the list of other traditional Chilean dishes that have received similar acknowledgment. This includes the renowned Chilean empanada and the iconic mote con huesillo. Each of these dishes represents a piece of Chile's culinary history and plays a vital role in the country's food culture.

The decision to officially recognize papas caliche was made by Chile's National Council of Food Culture and Preparations. This council is responsible for identifying and preserving the country's culinary traditions, ensuring their continuation for future generations.


By granting papas caliche official status, the council aims to raise awareness about this cherished dish and encourage its continued preparation and consumption.

The recognition also serves as a form of protection for papas caliche, as it prevents any alterations to the original recipe and preparation methods. This ensures that future generations will be able to experience the dish in its authentic form, allowing them to connect with Chile's cultural heritage.

Furthermore, the recognition of papas caliche opens up opportunities for tourism and economic development. By promoting this traditional dish, Chile can attract visitors interested in experiencing the country's unique culinary offerings.


This can have a positive impact on local businesses and the overall economy, as tourists seek out establishments that specialize in serving traditional dishes like papas caliche.

In conclusion, the official recognition of papas caliche as part of Chile's culinary heritage is a significant step towards preserving and promoting this traditional dish. This acknowledgment highlights the importance of papas caliche in Chilean culture and ensures its continued existence for future generations. Moreover, the recognition opens up opportunities for tourism and economic growth, as visitors are attracted to experience the country's authentic culinary treasures.