Unveiling Henry Cavill's Powerful Workout Routine: Sculpt Your Body Like a Hollywood Star | Fitness Secrets from Men's Health


Henry Cavill, the star of the popular Netflix series "The Witcher," has revealed the details of his intense arm and leg workout routine. In an interview with Men's Health, the actor shared his fitness regimen, offering insight into how he maintains his impressive physique.

Cavill explained that the workouts for his arms and legs are the most crucial part of his training. For his arms, he focuses on compound movements, such as bench presses and tricep dips, which engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This approach helps him develop strength and size in his arms.

When it comes to his leg workouts, Cavill emphasizes the importance of compound exercises once again.


Squats and deadlifts are his go-to moves for building muscle and increasing overall leg strength. These exercises not only target the leg muscles but also engage the core and provide a full-body workout.

Additionally, Cavill highlighted the significance of incorporating cardio exercises into his routine. He specifically mentioned running and swimming as his preferred forms of cardio, as they help improve his cardiovascular endurance and maintain a high level of fitness.

Overall, Cavill's arm and leg workout routine is a combination of compound movements, strength training, and cardio exercises. By incorporating these elements into his training, the actor is able to achieve the impressive physique required for his role in "The Witcher."