I Traveled North and My Mother Wasn't Pregnant? Now I Have a Child


Title: I Went North and My Mother Was Not Pregnant? Now I Have a Child


This article narrates a puzzling incident where the author's mother was not pregnant when they left for a journey up north. However, upon their return, the author now has a child, leaving them bewildered about how this could have happened.

The article begins by stating that the author embarked on a trip to the northern region. Before their departure, the author's mother was not expecting a child. However, upon their return, the author is now a parent, leaving them shocked and confused.

The author expresses their confusion and disbelief at this unexplainable turn of events.


They cannot comprehend how their mother was not pregnant before their trip but had given birth to a child upon their return. The confusion is further heightened by the fact that the author did not meet anyone during their travels who could be the other parent of their child.

The article speculates on possible explanations for this mysterious occurrence. One theory suggests a supernatural or magical intervention, implying that the child must have come from a different realm or dimension. Another possibility is that the author's memory has been altered or that they have been subject to a prank or elaborate practical joke.


The author goes on to analyze their relationship with their mother, remarking on the strong bond they share. They emphasize that their mother had no reason to hide a pregnancy from them and express their desire to find an explanation for this enigma.

As the article progresses, the author considers other possible explanations for the sudden appearance of their child. They contemplate the concept of miracles and question whether divine intervention or a higher power could be at play. They also contemplate the idea of time travel or alternate realities, exploring the notion that their trip to the northern region somehow caused a disruption in the space-time continuum.


Despite their bewilderment, the author concludes the article with a sense of acceptance and gratitude. They express their love for their child and acknowledge the mysterious circumstances surrounding their arrival, but ultimately accept them as a precious gift.

In conclusion, this article narrates the inexplicable event where the author's mother was not pregnant before their journey up north, but upon their return, the author now has a child. The author explores various theories to understand this perplexing occurrence, examining the realms of magic, altered memory, and divine intervention. Ultimately, they come to accept and cherish their child, despite the uncertainty surrounding their arrival.