Melody and Harmony: A Splendid Mother-Daughter Duo Dance to the Tunes of Bandish Bandits


Chedkhaniyaan is a popular song from the Indian web series "Bandish Bandits". Recently, a heartwarming video surfaced on the internet featuring a mom-daughter dance performance to this song. The adorable performance was executed by two talented dancers named Nivi and Ishanvi, also known as Laasya on social media.

In the video, Nivi and Ishanvi displayed their exceptional dance moves to the peppy beats of Chedkhaniyaan. The duo showcased immense energy, coordination, and grace as they synchronized their steps perfectly. Their performance was a delightful blend of traditional and contemporary dance styles, captivating the viewers with their enthusiasm.


The video captured the bond between a mother and her daughter beautifully. It portrayed the joy, love, and connection shared between the two as they effortlessly moved in sync. Their expressions and gestures conveyed pure happiness, reflecting the strong bond they share.

Nivi, the mother, is an experienced dancer who has been trained in classical dance forms like Bharatanatyam. Ishanvi, the daughter, inherited her mother's passion for dance and has been practicing various dance styles from a young age. Together, they make an exceptional team, creating magic with their performances.

Their dance video to Chedkhaniyaan went viral on social media, garnering immense praise and admiration from viewers worldwide.


People were touched by the wonderful display of talent and the endearing relationship between Nivi and Ishanvi. The video also inspired many to appreciate the beautiful bond they share with their own mothers or daughters.

As Laasya, Nivi and Ishanvi have gained a considerable following on social media platforms, where they regularly share their dance videos. Their unique blend of traditional and contemporary dance styles, along with their infectious energy, has made them popular among dance enthusiasts.

Overall, the mom-daughter dance performance to Chedkhaniyaan from Bandish Bandits is a heartwarming representation of the love and connection shared between a mother and her daughter. Nivi and Ishanvi's exceptional dance skills and their ability to convey emotions through their movements make them a joy to watch. Their viral video has touched the hearts of people across the globe, reminding us of the beautiful and special bond between mothers and daughters.