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The article discusses a dance performance titled "Chitta Kukkad" by Neha Bhasin, performed by two young girls named Nivi and Ishanvi, under the guidance of Laasya. The dance, performed at a simple wedding, garnered much appreciation.

The article focuses on the performance of the dance called "Chitta Kukkad" at a wedding ceremony. The dance is performed by two young girls named Nivi and Ishanvi. They were trained by Laasya, who guided them throughout their performance. The dance received a lot of admiration and praise from the audience.

Neha Bhasin is the choreographer of the dance, and she has created an entertaining and captivating routine.


The dance is set to the popular Punjabi song "Chitta Kukkad" and features energetic and peppy moves, creating a lively atmosphere.

The article emphasizes that the dance performance took place at a simple wedding. Despite the simplicity of the event, the choreography, execution, and enthusiasm of the dancers made the performance remarkable. The guests thoroughly enjoyed the dance and praised the talent and dedication of Nivi and Ishanvi.

Laasya's guidance and training played a vital role in the success of the dance. She nurtured the skills of the young dancers and prepared them well for the performance.


Her expertise in choreography and dance techniques enabled Nivi and Ishanvi to showcase their talent confidently.

The article does not provide many details about Neha Bhasin, the choreographer of the dance, but it highlights her contribution to the performance. Neha's creative choreography added an element of excitement and fun to the routine, making it a memorable experience for everyone present.

Overall, the main idea of the article revolves around the dance performance titled "Chitta Kukkad" by Neha Bhasin, performed by Nivi and Ishanvi at a simple wedding ceremony. The skillful guidance of Laasya and the lively choreography by Neha resulted in a captivating and entertaining performance that received immense appreciation.