Unmasking Katy Perry's Deadly Ex: The Chilling Crime of Actor Johnny Lewis and Its Victim


This article discusses the involvement of Katy Perry's former boyfriend, actor Johnny Lewis, in the murder of an elderly woman. The main focus is to expose the connection between the two and shed light on Lewis's criminal act.

Johnny Lewis, an actor known for his role on the TV series "Sons of Anarchy", was dating pop star Katy Perry in 2012 when he brutally killed an 81-year-old woman. The article aims to bring attention to this shocking incident and its connection to Perry.

Lewis was said to have been suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse problems at the time of the incident.


He broke into his landlord's house, assaulted her, and killed her before falling to his death from the property.

The article implies that Perry may have had some influence on Lewis's behavior due to their relationship. It suggests that Perry's association with a man capable of such a heinous crime should be of concern to her fans and the public.

Overall, the article focuses on exposing the dark past of Katy Perry's ex-boyfriend, Johnny Lewis, and his involvement in the murder of an elderly woman. It raises questions about Perry's association with a person of such violent tendencies and leaves readers wondering about the impact it may have had on her own life and career.