The Blissful Year Begins: Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan in Melodic Harmony


"Manwa Laage" is a popular Indian song from the film "Happy New Year," featuring renowned actors Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan. This article introduces a dance cover of the song by two talented young dancers named Nivi and Ishanvi, who go by the name "Laasya." The article aims to summarize the main idea of the content, which revolves around their performance of the song.

Nivi and Ishanvi, popularly known as Laasya, are two young dancers who have gained substantial fame for their incredible dance skills. They frequently upload dance covers of popular Bollywood songs on their YouTube channel.


In their latest video, they perform a mesmerizing dance routine to the catchy tune of "Manwa Laage" from the film "Happy New Year."

The article begins by highlighting the popularity of the song "Manwa Laage" and its significance as a romantic Bollywood number. The track is known for its melodious tune and the remarkable chemistry between Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan in the movie. This iconic pairing has undoubtedly contributed to the song's widespread popularity.

Moving on to the main focus of the article, it introduces Nivi and Ishanvi, the young dancers behind the YouTube channel "Laasya.


" The duo has gained a considerable fan following due to their exceptional dancing abilities. They have previously garnered attention for their energetic and flawless dance covers, which often receive high praise from their viewers.

The article then proceeds to describe Laasya's dance cover of "Manwa Laage" in detail. The duo's performance showcases their impressive coordination, synchronization, and expressive choreography. Their graceful movements and precise footwork captivate the audience, truly bringing the essence of the song to life through dance.

Furthermore, the article emphasizes the chemistry between Nivi and Ishanvi, which is evident throughout their performance.


Their seamless coordination and understanding of each other's movements enhance the overall beauty of the routine. The article also highlights their ability to convey emotion and portray the romance depicted in the original song through their expressive dancing.

In conclusion, this article highlights the talented dancers Nivi and Ishanvi, who form the duo "Laasya," and their mesmerizing dance cover of the popular Bollywood song "Manwa Laage." Their flawless execution and graceful movements truly capture the essence of the song and its romantic vibes. Nivi and Ishanvi's YouTube channel has become a platform for showcasing their incredible dance skills, and their latest performance has undoubtedly left their audience captivated.