The Ultimate Showdown: Smith vs Rock in WWE 2k WrestleMania Extravaganza!


The article discusses the creation of a character for a potential matchup between actors Will Smith and Chris Rock in the video game WWE 2k. The game developers have reportedly designed a character for each actor that could potentially be added to the game's roster.

WWE 2k is a popular wrestling video game where players can control and compete as various WWE superstars. However, in recent years, the game has expanded its roster to include non-wrestling personalities, such as celebrities and fictional characters.

The idea of pitting Will Smith against Chris Rock in a WWE 2k match originated from a conversation between the two actors during an episode of Smith's Snapchat series, "Will at Home.


" The two were discussing their impressive physiques and joked about having a wrestling showdown.

This playful conversation caught the attention of the game developers at Visual Concepts, who decided to create playable characters for the actors in the game. They believed that this matchup could offer a unique and entertaining experience for WWE 2k players.

The article mentions that the developers have already completed the character designs for both Will Smith and Chris Rock. These designs include detailed renderings of the actors, complete with their signature styles, catchphrases, and iconic moves.


The team has put in significant effort to ensure that the characters accurately represent Smith and Rock's personalities and appearances.

While there is no official confirmation that these characters will be added to WWE 2k, the article suggests that it is a possibility. The developers are reportedly interested in reaching out to both actors to gauge their interest in the project and potentially collaborate on bringing the characters to life.

If the characters make it into the game, players would have the opportunity to control either Will Smith or Chris Rock and engage in entertaining wrestling matches.


The article emphasizes the novelty of this matchup, as it would offer a fresh and exciting addition to the game's roster.

In conclusion, the article discusses the creation of character designs for Will Smith and Chris Rock in WWE 2k. The developers were inspired by a conversation between the actors and believed that a wrestling match between the two would be an engaging addition to the game. While nothing is confirmed, the article suggests that the characters may be added to the game's roster, pending the actors' interest and potential collaboration.